Wireless Surround

Use your wireless speakers to create a wireless surround system. With a compatible AV Receiver or Sound Bar, your wireless speakers transform into rear speakers without the need for cumbersome cables.

Easy connection for wireless surround sound

Use your existing compatible wireless speakers to expand your home theatre solution, and you’ll be able to create an immersive surround sound system with just a few simple settings.

Immersive sound the easy way

Wireless speakers for surround sound

Combine Sound Bar or AV receiver with two same wireless speakers for the rear channels, and you’ve easily created a wireless surround system.

How to set up your wireless surround system

Here you can find more information how to create your wireless surround system using your compatible speakers and Sony | Music Center (previously called SongPal) installed devices.

Compatible devices as a front speaker for Wireless Surround

Compatible devices as wireless rear speakers for Wireless Surround