Hands tapping the UI on the Xperia PRO-I screen, which is displaying an image of a woman

Shoot, edit, send: do it all, with the Xperia PRO-I

With most cameras, once the shooting is over you head home to your laptop or PC to edit and share your work. But the Xperia PRO-I lets you do it all from one device, wherever and whenever you choose.

Two images of a butterfly, each showing different colour reproduction


Faithful colour reproduction on Creator mode

The XPERIA PRO-I features Creator mode “powered by CineAlta”, which enables you to see photos and movies with accurate colour reproduction. In the case of photos made by sRGB, it automatically changes the colour gamut and gamma to sRGB.

[1] Brilliant colour reproduction on Standard mode
[2] Faithful colour reproduction on Creator mode
Desktop computer displaying a low-light image of a car with its headlights on


Accurate white balance setting

The display not only enables you to see accurate colours as intended and photographed but also lets you adjust colour settings to suit your needs. So you can align the display settings with your own monitor, or set the white point as D50 or D55 which are suitable for checking photo printing.

Deliver your images, fast

When you're out on location, you can immediately deliver the images you've just shot using the 5G network.0 Or connect your Xperia PRO-I to your computer by USB 3.2 Gen 2 (10Gbps) and send them from there.
Close-up of the Xperia PRO-I in someone's hand, uploading images.