PlayStation Classic



步驟1: 輸入香港本地手提電話號碼及圖像認證碼以作登記
* 必須提供有效的香港手提電話號碼(不包括國家編號)以作登記索取SMS預訂短訊及聯絡用途。每個手提電話號碼只限登記一次。
步驟2: 由於預訂名額有限,我們於2018年11月22日10:00開始根據登記先後次序按以SMS短訊通知預訂安排。
* 接收到SMS預訂代碼短訊之顧客即代表已預留名額供顧客預訂PlayStation Classic
* 如顧客在11月22日沒有收到SMS短訊,即表示所有預訂名額已滿,我們將暫時無法為其餘顧客安排預留產品
步驟3: 接收到SMS短訊之客戶必須根據短訊所述之指定日期及時段內完成付款,購買詳情及預訂代碼將會以SMS短訊個別通知。
* 購買點只限: Sony Store, Online
* 每組預訂代碼只限預訂1套PlayStation Classic
* 不接受分期付款
只接受Visa/ Master 信用卡付款 (須備有Verified by Visa/MasterCard® SecureCode™認證)
* 逾期未有完成預訂者,即視為放棄預留產品

【Online Pre-registration】

Registration procedure:

Steps 1: Input Hong Kong local mobile phone number and image verification code for registration.
* A valid Hong Kong mobile number (excluding area code) will be required for registration and contact purpose. Each mobile number shall register once.
Steps 2: As pre-order quota is limited, unique pre-order code and information will be delivered via SMS start from 10:00 Nov 22, 2018 by registration sequence.
* A PlayStation Classic will be reserved for each valid pre-order code.
* If candidates do not receive pre-order code SMS notice on Nov 22, 2018, candidates shall assume all available package have been pre-ordered.
Steps 3: Dedicated pre-order code and purchase details will be delivered via SMS to each registered mobile number separately. Successful candidates who received pre-order code SMS notice shall complete his/her purchase at specific date and timeslot mentioned in SMS.
* Purchase channel: Sony Store, Online only.
* Each pre-order code can purchase 1 set of PS4 Classic only.
* All packages are to be sold on first-come first-served basis and while stock lasts.
* Installment payment is not available
Visa/ Master credit cards payment only (Required Verified by Visa/MasterCard® SecureCode™). 
* Failure to complete the purchase with full payment within specified period shall be regarded as candidate forfeiture of the reservation

PlayStation Classic 優先登記網上預訂活動已經完結。
PlayStation Classic Online Pre-registration is ended.


PlayStation Classic
建議售價HK$ 798.00
  1. 顧客須提供有效的香港本地手提電話號碼(不包括國家編號)以作登記及聯絡用途。每個手提電話號碼只限登記一次。如有重覆登記,會以其第一個登記為準。
  2. 成功登記 (步驟1) 並不代表成功取得預訂代碼及預留任何產品或套裝,必須收到我們的SMS短訊方可作實。預訂安排將於11月22日以SMS發送至顧客所提供的手提電話號碼。如顧客在11月22日沒有收到SMS短訊,即表示我們暫時無法為該顧客預留產品。
  3. SMS短訊通知次序將按顧客登記的先後分批發出。
  4. 接收到SMS短訊之客戶須於依照SMS短訊所述之指定日期及時段內完成預訂程序,逾期未有完成預訂者,即視為放棄預留產品,我們有權另作分配。
  5. 請注意發送短訊的速度取決於電訊網路的服務範圍,電訊公司可能會收取短訊服務費。
  6. 每個手提電話號碼只會收到一次SMS短訊,包括預訂代碼及購買連結。如SMS短訊遺失,恕不另作補發。
  7. 每組預訂代碼只可預訂1套PlayStation Classic套裝,不能使用任何折扣優惠。
  8. Sony Store, Online電子現金劵不適用於是次預訂活動。
  9. 如同一預訂代碼已被其他顧客成功使用、進行不被認可之交易或任何與此預購活動有關之欺詐或濫用情況,Sony有權拒絶顧客的預購, 而毋須事先通知。
  10. 是次預訂活動受Sony Store, Online (香港)的銷售條款約束。
  11. Sony保留隨時不時修改有關本條款之權利而毋須另行通知。
  12. 如有任何爭議,Sony保留最終決定權。
  13. 如對本活動條款有任何歧義,以英文版本為準
  1. A valid Hong Kong mobile number (excluding area code) will be required for registration and contact purpose. Each mobile number shall register once. In case of duplicate registration by the same mobile number, the first registration will prevail.
  2. Completion on registration (Step 1) shall not be deemed as any guarantee on getting purchase code or product/ package reservation. Successful candidates shall be further notified via SMS. If candidates do not receive pre-order code SMS notice on Nov 22, 2018, all available package have been reserved.
  3. Our delivery of SMS messages will be made according to registration sequence.
  4. Successful candidates must complete his/her purchase within the pre-order date and timeslot dedicated in our SMS notice. Failure to complete the purchase within such period shall be regarded as your forfeiture of the reservation and we shall have the right to make further allocation.
  5. Time for SMS delivery may vary due to mobile network coverage. Mobile service operators may charge you for SMS message service.
  6. Each mobile number shall register once and receive the SMS with 1 set of pre-order code and purchase link only. No re-issuance will be arranged if SMS is lost.
  7. 1 purchase code can purchase 1 set of PlayStation Classic only, it cannot be used with any promotion offers.
  8. Sony Store, Online E-Cash is not applicable in this pre-order.
  9. We reserve our right to reject the customers’ pre-order purchase without prior notice if it is found that same pre-order code has been successfully used by another customer, or this customer has made any unacceptable transaction, fraud or misuse in relation to this pre-order campaign.
  10. 10. The purchase under this pre-order campaign shall be governed by the Terms and Conditions of Sale of Sony Store, Online (Hong Kong).
  11. We have the right to amend the terms herein without prior notice.
  12. In case of any dispute, the decision of Sony shall be fine.
  13. In case of discrepancy, English version shall prevail.
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