Many Ways to Earn Points

How easily to earn points?

Example 1: Earn 10,000 Points

New Member + First time purchase at Sony Store
(1,000 Points 3 + 3,000 Points 2)

Register warranty for 2 products
(3,000 Points 4 + 3,000 Points 4)

Example 2: Earn 38,000 Points

Interchangeable Lens Camera + Lens
(17,000 Points*) + (15,000 Points*)

Warranty registration for 2 products
(3,000 Points 4 + 3,000 Points 4)

More rewards are coming to surprise you! Keep earning points to be rewarded!
*Actual accrual points will be determined by the product models and net spending of transaction

1. For PlayStation® items, members can earn 1 point for every HK$3 spent

2. Only applicable to members who have no purchase record neither in Sony Store nor Sony Store, Online

3. Only applicable to new My Sony members who subscribed My Sony

4. Sony Mobile, PlayStation® and Radio Products are excluded from points earning by warranty registration

Instant Point Earning Mission


Warm reminder: All points will be expired on 31st March every year.
Make use of your points to redeem favourite rewards or turn your points to My Sony Dollars before expiry!

Earn Faster with Tier Upgrade

Four membership tiers - “Platinum”, “Gold”, “Silver” and “Bronze”.
The higher the tier, the faster you can earn points! Keep earning and upgrade your tier to redeem your own privileged rewards.


  • Exclusive Discount
  • Birthday Offer

Join Sonnion
to start with Bronze


  • Exclusive Discount
  • Birthday Offer


  • 1.5X Points#
  • Exclusive Discount
  • Birthday Offer


  • 2X Points#
  • Exclusive Discount
  • Birthday Offer

Member will be upgraded to the next tier if point requirement of the next upper tier is fulfilled within the 12-month membership tier period.

# Only applicable for points earned from purchase made at Sony Store or Sony Store, Online. Other point earning methods are not eligible including but not limited to “Product Registration” and “First Purchase at Sony Store”

  • - The validity period of members’ tier is 12 months. Members can upgrade to upper tier as you attain enough points to enter next tier threshold within a validity period.
  • - Member can stay at their current tier as you attain enough points to remain your current tier within a validity period and a new year of validity period begins.
  • - If member cannot attain the required points to stay or upgrade tier within a validity period, members’ tier and its entitlements will be adjusted to lower tier with immediate effect.
  • - Multiple tier upgrades are not allowed, member can only upgrade one tier at a time.
Register as My Sony member to join
Earn 1,000 Points

Sony Hong Kong reserves the right of final decision on any dispute. Please refer to the latest version of Terms & Conditions at My Sony webpage.