Terms and Conditions
Terms of Use for My Sony “+Reward” Benefit Scheme :
  • Usage of My Sony “+Reward” Benefit Scheme (”+Reward”Scheme) is limited to the registered My Sony Members (“Members”). The benefits under “+Reward” Scheme is non-transferrable. Members may need to present the identity document for verification.
  • Members are entitled to the related benefits for each purchase at Sony Stores as per the “+Reward” Scheme published by Sony from time to time. The benefits may vary according to the membership class.
  • “+Reward” Scheme is applicable for the purchase made at any of Sony Stores in Hong Kong, Sony Store, Online (Hong Kong) and Sony’s Tele-Sales Hotline (and other sales channels excepted).
  • The benefit under “+Reward” Scheme cannot be used in conjunction with other promotional offers.
  • My Sony “+Reward” Electronic Card (“+Reward Card”) must be presented for every purchase and redemption of benefit to enjoy the benefits. Members shall log in www.sony.com.hk/reward by mobile phone and activate the “+Reward” card in advance. Members can enter this said webpage at any time and check their record under the “+Reward” Scheme.
  • Members accept these Terms of Use when they activate the “+Rewards” card and/or first use of the benefits under “+Rewards” Scheme.
  • If there is any dispute in “+Reward” scheme redemption record, Sony Hong Kong’s system record shall prevail.
  • Once redemption of a benefit has been confirmed by our computer system, no cancellation or change could be accepted.
  • Provided that the member does not redeem any “+Reward” offers or benefits upon any particular transaction through any means of purchase, it shall be deemed as members’ forfeiture to the “+Reward” offers or benefits of such transaction no matter he has not yet pick up the product.
  • The benefit under "+Reward" Scheme is not applicable for Premium Services, Online Bidding and spending in Sony Studio. Spending in PlayStation® products cannot be entitled to any e-cash reward.
  • “+Reward” Card is valid from 1 April 2018 to 31 March 2019. The said expiry date is also displayed on the “+Reward” Card. All unredeemed benefits shall be cancelled upon expiry and cannot be accumulated for the next period. All benefits shall be started over upon renewal of the “+Reward” Card and the details shall be subject to the announcement at that time.
  • Misuse of “+Reward” Card or benefit thereunder may result in termination or suspension of membership, or withdrawal of benefits.
  • Members shall return the gifts at the same time in case of any transaction cancellation or refund, product return and/or exchange due to whatever reason. We may offer other gift (if applicable) according to actual spending amount after refund or product exchange.
  • Sony reserves the right to amend these Terms of Use and this benefits scheme (including the choice of gifts) without prior notice. Members can visit www.sony.com.hk/mysony to view the most updated “+Reward” benefit list. Members may refer to the latest version of these Terms of Use at My Sony webpage. Sony reserves the right of final decision on any dispute.
  • If there is any discrepancy between the English and Chinese versions of these Terms of Use, the English version shall prevail.
Additional Terms of Sony Store e-Cash Coupon Benefits :
  • Any redemption of any e-Cash coupon under the prevailing scheme shall be make upon purchase at Sony Store. E-Cash coupon will automatically registered in the member’s My Sony Account within 7 days upon completion of purchase and product pick-up. In case of any transaction cancellation after the redemption of “+Reward” offer, the redeemed e-Cash will be voided.
  • Even if Members exchange the product purchased due to whatsoever reasons, the registration period will remain unchanged by counting from the date of product collection or the date of our email notifying product collection as stated in above Clause.
  • E-cash coupon shall only be used for purchase on Sony Store, Online (Hong Kong) at www.sony.com.hk/store during the prescribed validity period with the spending not less than the value of the e-Cash coupon (excluding shipping charges and handling fees) and paid by credit card.
  • Members shall activate the e-Cash coupon before a designated deadline to use it within the specific period.
  • E-cash coupon can be used by Members only and cannot be transferrable to others for usage.
  • Each E-cash coupon can only be used for one time and cannot be re-used even if the transaction is cancelled for whatever reasons.
  • Each online transaction can use one (1) E-cash coupon. No combined use of the e-cash coupons is allowed.
  • E-cash coupon will not be re-issued.
  • E-cash coupon cannot be used in conjunction with other promotional offers nor exchanged for cash or other products / services.
  • In case of return of any products purchased with an E-cash coupon, the amount refunded shall be the purchase amount after subtracting the coupon discount or value.
  • If it is found that Members abusively re-use E-cash coupons, process any unrecognized transaction, resell products bought with E-cash coupons or any deception / abuse related to the E-cash coupons, Sony HK reserves its right to terminate the Members’ right to use of the E-cash coupons without prior notice.
  • Sony HK reserves the right to revise or terminate e-Cash coupon offer, or revise these terms at any time without prior notice. In case of any disputes, the decision of Sony HK shall be final.