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The picture seems bright and faded when playing HDR contents.

    For models with HDR support
    (X93xxC_X94xxC/X90xxC_X91xxC/S85xxC/X85xxC series)
    This phenomenon will occur when playing back contents that are not marked by an HDR flag. To view the optimal picture quality, set the Picture mode to HDR-video mode as follows.

    1. Press the Home button on the remote.
    2. Select Settings.
    3. Select Picture & Display in the TV category.
    4. Select Picture Adjustments.
    5. Select Picture.
    6. Select Picture mode.
    7. Select HDR-Video.

    NOTE: The HDR function will be added to this TV by software update. If HDR-video mode is not an available Picture mode, update the software, and then set to HDR-video mode.

    For models without HDR support
    (Other than X93xxC_X94xxC/X90xxC_X91xxC/S85xxC/X85xxC series)
    When a TV that does not support HDR plays HDR contents, this phenomenon will occur. Please play back normal contents.