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Connecting the Ultra Portable Short Throw projector to a wireless device using Wi-Fi Direct.

    Wi-Fi Direct™  is a convenient way to share view your  music, video, or latest pictures through your home wireless network. Wi-Fi Direct mode provides direct wireless connectivity with compatible devices without having to use the access point of a wireless network router.

    • When Wi-Fi Direct is enabled, screen mirroring feature on the smartphone screen is not available.
    • Wi-Fi Direct is disabled when establishing a connection with an HDMI® device.
    • When Wi-Fi Direct is enabled, the smartphone establishes a peer-to-peer connection with the projector, therefore it is unable to establish a Wi-Fi® connection with an access point (wireless router). After use, disable [Wi-Fi Direct].
    1. Using your smartphone or mobile device, turn on the Portable Ultra Short Throw Projector application.
    2. Tap the Settings button.
    3. Tap Network.
    4. Tap Wi-Fi Direct.
    5. Tap the switch of Wi-Fi Direct to enable it.

      NOTE: Wi-Fi Direct: On appears on the home screen or photo cast screen of the special application. If your smartphone is an Android™ smartphone, it connects to this unit automatically. If you are using an Apple® iPhone®, or your Android smartphone does not connect automatically, use the Wi-Fi setting screen of the smartphone to connect to this unit.