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What is unique about Game Enhancer? (Xperia 5 II)

What's new in Game enhancer on Xperia 5 II?

    Valid for 

    • Xperia 5 II


    The Game enhancer in Xperia 5 II has the following improvements from Xperia 5 and Xperia 1 II.

    1. Screen refresh rate: It supports up to 120Hz screen refresh rate and visual effect*1 equivalent to 240Hz for motion blur reduction. 
      *1: 120Hz display refresh rate with black image insertion between each image provides the equivalent visual effect to 240Hz refresh rate.
    2. Touch response speed: It supports up to 240Hz of touch response speed (dose & active) for gaming purposes. 
    3. In the "Custom" setting of "Game Mode", you can adjust three parameters; Screen refresh rate, Touch response speed, and Touch tracking sensitivity, to make setting much suitable for each gaming application. And you can adjust them on the actual game environment by using the preview mode. 
    4. To improve the Gaming voice chat quality with VC noise suppression*2.
      This feature reduces the background noise during the gaming voice chat and also filers and compresses the input voice to be suited for gaming voice chat.
      *2: This feature works only on the microphone of the wired headset connected to 3.5mm audio jack. It doesn't support the Bluetooth headset or the digital audio headset connected through the USB Type-C port.