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Does my TV support the Apple TV app?

    The Apple TV and Apple TV+ apps are supported on some Android TV™ and Google TV™ models.

    • You may buy, rent, or subscribe to content through an iPhone, iPad, or other supported device and watch through the Apple TV or Apple TV+ app on your Sony TV. For more information about Apple TV and Apple TV+ apps, or how to buy, rent, or subscribe to content, visit the Apple support site (Link to an external site).
    • For 2021 or later models, the Apple TV app will be available with a Google sign-in on your Sony Google TV.
    • For 2020, 2019, and 2018 models, the Apple TV app will be available with a TV software update. The date your TV will receive the software update will vary. If you enable the Automatically check for updates feature, a notification will appear on your TV when the update is available. For information on how to update, refer to the How to perform a software update article.

    Supported models:

    • 2023 models: All 2023 BRAVIA TV models are supported by Apple TV and Apple TV+ apps.

    • 2022 models: Z9K, X95K, X90S, X90K, X90BK, X85K, X85AK, X81K, X81DK, X80SK, X80BK, X75K, X75AK, X74K, W880K, W870K, W830K, W820K, A95K, A90K, A80K

    • 2021 models: A80J, A90J, X80AJ, X80BJ, X80J, X81J, X85BJ, X85DJ, X85J, X86J, X90J, X90SJ,  X95J, Z9J

    • 2020 models: A8H, A9S, X8000H, X8007H, X8050H, X8077H, X8500H, X8550H, X9000H, X9007H, X9077H, X9500H, X9507H, Z8H, Z9H

    • 2019 models: A9G, X8500G, X8507G, X8577G, X9500G, X9507G, Z9G

    • 2018 models: A9F, Z9F​​​​​

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