Article ID : 00257359 / Last Modified : 12/02/2021

I cannot save the photo and video after upgrade to Android 11. What can I do?

    This article is for the "Camera app" issue after the Android 11 upgrade. 


    We apologize for any inconvenience.  

    You may be facing a issue that you cannot save the photo and video files taken by the “Camera” app after the Android 11 upgrade. If you have taken more than 10 000 photos and movie clips on your Xperia phone. It might be occurred due to the conflict of the folder name of the image storage. Please change the name of the current Image saving folder as following steps.

    1. At first, clear the “Camera” app from the Recent Apps. 
    2. Launch the “Files” app, and tap (≡) menu on the upper left screen. 
    3. Then select the internal storage or disk (SD memory card) in which the “Camera” app saves the image files. Then tap the “DCIM” folder.  
    4. And tap and hold the folder named “100ANDRO” until a checkmark appears. 
    5. Tap the “Rename” item from the upper right menu ( ). 
    6. Rename to the name NOT like “aaaANDRO”. For example, rename “100ANDRO” to “OLD_100ANDRO”. 
    7. Repeat steps 4-6 until all “aaaANDRO” folders are renamed. 
    8. Start camera to confirm that you can take photos and save them normally. 

    Additional information 

    We will fix this issue on the next regular software update.