Useful α features

    Useful α features are introduced below. These are especially appealing to beginners, because you can easily add your own touches to movies without relying on a computer or other editing equipment.

    Creative Style

    Image captured with Creative Style set to [Vivid]
    Image captured with Creative Style set to [Sunset]

    Even when taking pictures of the same subject, you can give the images a different look by controlling a combination of details such as color tone, saturation, brightness, contrast, and sharpness.
    With Creative Style, you can easily set all of these parameters at once. Although you can also spend time perfecting your movies with editing software, Creative Style is a better choice for beginners because you can create your preferred look at the time of recording.

    Several styles such as Vivid and Portrait are included. Just by selecting a theme, you can easily record movies as you envision them.
    This is also convenient on vacation, for example—transfer movies to a smartphone, do some basic editing, and share them on social media right away.

    Slow & Quick Motion

    Often, slow-motion video is created on a computer or other editing equipment after recording at a frame rate of 60p or 120p, which takes a great deal of time and effort. With α cameras, slow- and quick-motion features are included, making it easy to record these kinds of movies using the camera alone. They're also easy to use— just set the mode dial to S&Q and choose a recording setting and frame rate.

    Note: Models that can record in slow and quick (S&Q) motion:ILCE-1、ILCE-9、ILCE-9M2、ILCE-7RM4、ILCE-7RM3、ILCE-7SM3、ILCE-7M3、ILCE-7C、ILCE-6600、ILCE-6500、ILCE-6400、ILCE-6100 (as of March 22, 2021)