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What to do if weird noise and vibration is produced from the CD/DVD-ROM ?

    • There is strange noise or vibration in CD/DVD drive.
    • Depending on the CDs, the loudness of sound and amplitude of vibration are different.

    CD problems may result in resonance-vibrations in CD-ROM drive.
    The CD will Vibrate Slightly when reading the disk at a high speed, and CD-ROM drive may resonate with the CD.
    The issue may occur if one of the following conditions is true:
    • CD has not been inserted into CD-ROM drive correctly.
    • There is paper label on the CD.
    • CD is deformed (Not round, curved).
    • The center of the CD deviates. (There is little away from the center.)
    • 8cm CD cannot be inserted into the adapter (The CD-ROM drive requires an adapter).

    Please check if user has inserted a CD that always causes big vibration in other drives.
    If no error message is received when user hears strange noise or vibration from CD-ROM drive, and the drive can read the CD properly, which means the CD-ROM drive is in good state.

    Reference information

    The spin speed is different when playing music CD in virtual music player or digital music player.
    In the computer or CD-ROM drive that supports virtual music playing, the spin speed is the standard speed (over one time speed) when playing virtual music.
    When playing digital music, it exceeds the standard speed (usually over one time speed).