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Are DV devices guaranteed to work normally with [DVgate Motion] and [DVgate Still] which are pre-installed to VAIO computers?

    Are DV devices usable with [DVgate Motion] and [DVgate Still]?
    Are all DV cameras with a DV terminal usable with [DVgate Motion and [DVgate Still]?
    Can camera of other manufacturers be used with [DVgate Motion] and [DVgate Still]?

    We have confirmed that DVgate Motion, DVgate Still, MovieShaker and Smart Capture application software that are pre-installed to VAIO computers work fine with Sony home-use DV devices. However, we cannot guarantee if they work with other manufacturers' DV equipment.

    You cannot use DV devices with "Giga Pocket" on VAIO computers that do not have the analog-DV converting function.
    We cannot guarantee the normal operation of the following DV devices on VAIO computers with Windows Me pre-installed.
    - DCR-VX1000
    - DCR-VX700 with an upgraded DV terminal
    - DHR-1000

    To use DCR-IP7, user must need application, MovieShaker Ver.3.1 for MICROMV to work with.

    --Why is Sony home-use DV equipment recommended?--
    Even when DV devices are equipped with a DV terminal corresponding to IEEE1394 and capable of recording images in the DV format, there isn't any compatibility among themselves in reality due to the difference in protocols running through the cable by manufacturer.
    In addition, as [DVgate Motion] handles moving images, which have a large amount of data and involve high-speed data transfer, it might cause data transfer errors, which results in various problems such as system hang-up, lost frames, no audio, and non-export and non-import of images.
    Sony considers it desirable that [DVgate Motion] should work normally with DV devices of other manufacturers and continues to do its best to materialize it. As various technical issues mentioned above must be solved to achieve the control of DV equipment in general, it may therefore take time to accomplish.
    In view of this, Sony home-use DV equipment is recommended and we hope to have your understanding in this regard.

    1. With regards to non-Sony DV devices, we cannot guarantee their normal operation with [DVgate Motion]. Please check the specifications of your DV device with the manufacturer.

    2. Under normal circumstances, some Sony business-use DV devices will work with [DVgate Motion]. However as they are originally designed for business-use, the functionality is different for home-use equipment and business-use equipment.
    VAIO computers are designed for individual and home use, and their video edit function is provided only for the purpose of video editing as a hobby.

    3. [DVgate Motion] supports NTSC DV devices.