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How to set Magnifier in Windows Vista?

    How to set Magnifier in Windows Vista?


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    Magnifier is a convenient tool for people who have difficulty to see, and to magnify the utility of screen.
    When starting the Magnifier, it can be set for special use on pictures to magnify one part of the picture to display.
    1.Click the Start button, and then click Control Panel.
    2.Choose Ease of Access.

    3.Click Ease of Access Center.

    4.Click Start Magnifier.

    5.At the top of desktop the window will display Magnifier and magnify part of the screen.
    Any operation can be done on the Magnifier setting picture. Click the Hide button.
    Click the Hidden button, and the setting picture is set in taskbar.
    To quit Magnifier, click the minimized setting picture in tasks column, and click [x] (close) button.

    Minimize on Startup:Click and choose, and then start Magnifier in minimized condition.
    Scale factor: It can magnify up to 16 times of actual size.
    Invert colors: Click and choose, and then invert colors.
    Dock positions: Click and choose, and then set the magnifier window.
    Then in the dragged Dock position menu, you can set the position of Top, Left, Right and Bottom.
    Follow mouse cursor Click and choose, and then magnify the place of the mouse cursor.
    Follow keyboard focus Click and choose, and click Tab key or direction keys on keyboard, and magnify moving positions of pointer.
    Follow text editing Click and choose, and magnify the input contents.