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[Windows Vista] What are Guest Accounts?

[Windows Vista] About Guest Accounts

    Guest accounts are the accounts prepared for users who don't have a permanent account on the computer. Using the guest account with no password, anyone can quickly log on, receive and send mails, or browse the Internet. However guest account users cannot open the encrypted files and folders, or change settings.

    ■ When logging on with a guest account
    • New software or hardware cannot be installed, but software already installed on the computer can be operated.
    • Picture for the guest accountscan be changed.

    * Please refer to the following to turn on or turn off a guest account.
    [Windows Vista] How to turn on or turn off a guest account in Windows Vista.

    Guest account has several special functions related to the security and network sharing, so please do not disable them. After disabling the guest account, software based on active guest account may not work normally. After closing guest account, the guest account will not be displayed on the login screen, but it is not disabled.