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Why I cannot tune for Hong Kong Open TV channels?

    The transmission of Hong Kong Open TV channels relies on the Cable TV network (operated by i-Cable), the signal are transmitted through the Cable TV network to the building, and distributed via the In-Building Coaxial Cable Distribution System (IBCCDS) to the residences within the building.

    To confirm whether the Hong Kong Open TV channels can be received, please confirm the below:

    • Building has Cable TV coverage? (Please confirm with Building Management Office)
    • Are you a current/past subscriber for Cable TV service?

    If you confirm either of the above, it is possible for receiving Hong Kong Open TV channels, and you can try to perform digital auto tuning on the TV. Please follow these instructions:

    1. Press HOME button on remote
    2. Select Settings > Channel setup > Digital setup > Digital Tuning > Digital Auto Tuning

    Otherwise, please consult your Building Management Office for more information regarding Hong Kong Open TV reception.