190 to 203 cm (75 to 80-inch) TVs

Discover the future of entertainment with our 190 to 203 cm (75 to 80-inch) LED TVs. Picture quality reaches new heights, and easy connectivity means the power of streaming media is just a click away.

One television, endless possibilities 

An enhanced viewing experience is standard with our 190 cm (75-inch) LED TVs. Stunning 4K graphics, lifelike audio and bold design come together, breathing new life into everything you see and hear. Exciting interactivity turns your living room into a state-of-the art entertainment centre.

Mounted 190 cm (75-inch) LED TV from Sony
Remote control for 190 to 203 cm (75 to 80-inch) TVs from Sony
Entertainment is just a flick away

Access your favourite shows, movies or web content in seconds with the One-Flick Entertainment remote on our 190 cm (75-inch) TVs, or just browse until you find something you can’t wait to watch. The unique wedge-design is slim enough to fit almost anywhere, but provides extra room for a powerful sound system.