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Automatically switch between cooling and warming.
The improved REON POCKET 4 and TAG sensing device are now available

By connecting the newly developed REON POCKET TAG (RNPT-1) with REON POCKET 3 (RNP-3) or REON POCKET 4 (RNPK-4T), the TAG’s built-in sensor detects the ambient temperature and humidity, to automatically adjust REON POCKET*1 to the temperature level that suits the environment.
In addition, the device also features a new SMART COOL⇔WARM MODE, which automatically switches between COOL and WARM modes.
For example, the device temperature automatically adjusts itself to suit changes in the environment, even during changing seasons with extreme temperature changes or days that have a mixture of hot and cold temperatures.

*REON POCKET is a product that is intended to be used for everyday outings, commuting, light exercise (e.g. walking and golf), etc. Please see the "Precautions for Use" section at the end of this paragraph for precautions concerning the environment in which the product can be used.

Up to 2 times the battery life thanks to increased battery capacity *1

REON POCKET is a wearable thermal device that can directly cool or warm the part of the body that the device is in contact with. It supports both cooling and warming, so it can be used in both the summer and the winter.
REON POCKET 4 has up to twice the running time*1. For example, it can be used for approximately 7 hours at COOL level 3.
Neckband 3 (RNPB-N3) with a better fit is also included in the box. It is suitable for a wide range of neck sizes from 34 cm to 46 cm.

*1 When compared to the battery life of the previous model RNP-3. This may vary depending on usage conditions and environment.

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REON POCKET TAG with temperature and humidity sensors,
for even smarter cooling and warming

REON POCKET TAG is a wearable device that uses its built-in sensors to measure the temperature and humidity of the environment around the TAG for even smarter control of the REON POCKET device*1. It can also be used as a standalone device. You can easily check the temperature and humidity around the TAG via your smartphone. Attach it to your breast pocket or bag to use it*2.

*1 Click here for more information on the functions that can be used when connected with each REON POCKET series.
*2 Do not cover the sensor area when attaching the tag.

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Compatible products

Dedicated NECKBAND 3 Small (RNPB-N3S)

A dedicated neckband (RNPB-N3S) smaller in size than the dedicated neckband (RNPB-3) included with REON POCKET 4 (RNPK-4T) is also available. It is suitable for a wide range of neck sizes from 29 cm to 35 cm.

Smart Wearable Thermal Device
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