Q&A with Sony CEO Kazuo Hirai

Reinventing the music industry with High-Resolution Audio

If you’ve been keeping up with recent music industry news, then you’ll know that the buzzword on everyone’s lips is “High-Resolution Audio.” What is it? Can you really tell the difference? And is it worth the investment?

High-Resolution Audio, which is known by its 192 kHz, 24-bit technical specs, packs nearly seven times the data found on CDs. In other words, High-Resolution Audio allows you to hear all the details, textures and nuances that listeners typically sacrifice when listening to MP3s.

So, is the world ready to be awakened to the benefits of superior-quality audio?

Sony CEO Kazuo Hirai believes that music lovers deserve to hear music the same way that it’s heard in a studio environment — in its purest quality and truest form. Here are his thoughts on why High-Resolution Audio is set to take the music industry by storm.

Q: Why is High-Resolution Audio important to Sony? How do you see it impacting the music industry?

Hirai: I’ve always viewed music as an art form, and I believe it should be enjoyed as such. There’s a lot of blood, sweat and tears that go into the production of a recording. Why wouldn’t we want to be able to give music enthusiasts the opportunity to listen to their favorite recordings, just as the artist intended?

I truly believe that High-Resolution Audio is going to revitalize the music industry, enabling listeners to engage with music like never before. That’s the future.

Q: What kind of High-Resolution Audio equipment does Sony offer?

Hirai: We offer a wide range of High-Resolution Audio products, from high-end home theater systems for hard-core audiophiles to more affordable models for entry users. We know that portability and convenience are important to music lovers, so we’ve made it a priority to offer High-Resolution products that you can take on-the-go too. Our mobile products include everything from our 64 GB High-Resolution Walkman Digital Music Player to our Xperia smartphone, all of which support High-Resolution Audio.

Q: Why should the younger generation be interested in High-Resolution Audio?

Hirai: There’s nothing like experiencing High-Resolution Audio for the first time. It’s the only way to experience the true flesh-and-blood emotion of a song. I want the younger generation to be able to experience that “Wow!” factor. I want them to be able to put on their headphones and feel as if they’re listening to their own personal live concert. That connection you feel to your favorite artist at a live concert venue? You’ll be able to experience that same deep emotional connection from the comfort of your own home. Once you listen to High-Resolution Audio, you can never go back to standard sound quality. There’s just no comparison.

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