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Unable to get the Blu-ray Disc player or network media player to communicate with the Internet.

    This solution is designed to assist in troubleshooting after connecting the Blu-ray Disc Player or Network Media Player to a wireless high-speed Internet connection, confirming that the router is correctly set up but the player is still not connecting.

    NOTE: Not all Blu-ray Disc Players or Network Media Players are supplied with wireless capabilities. To see if your player has wireless Internet functionality, check the specifications supplied with the unit.

    IMPORTANT: Prior to following the steps in this solution check the relevant FAQ below, and make sure that Internet connection settings has been performed.

    1. Turn off the power to your network equipment: (DSL/cable) modem, router, and player.
    2. Unplug all of your network devices including: (DSL/cable) modem, Voice Over IP (VOIP) modem, wireless access points, router and the player for two full minutes, making sure all lights on the equipment have turned off.

      NOTE: Certain VOIP modems (where your telephone is connected to your modem) may have a battery installed. You will need to remove the battery for the modem to turn off completely.

    3. Turn on the modem and wait for the modem to indicate that it is connected to the ISP.


      • If the modem is not connecting to the Internet, contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) for additional assistance with your Internet service.
      • If you need your account settings (such as a username and password for DSL customers), you will need to speak directly with your ISP.
      • If you do not know how to operate or access your network equipment, (such as your DSL or cable modem and router settings), you will need to contact the manufacturer of the equipment directly. If you are leasing the equipment from your ISP, please call your ISP for more details.
    4. Make sure the router is connected to the modem:
      1. Turn on the router and wait for it to finish booting up.
      2. You should see activity lights flashing for the WAN.


      • If your ISP issued a bridge-type modem, connect the modem to the broadband router, and connect the router to the LAN terminal of the Blu-ray Disc system using an Ethernet cable.
      • If the modem is a router-type modem, connect the router to the LAN terminal of the player using an Ethernet cable.
      • Refer to the manual of the router for details.
    5. Verify that the modem and router are connected to the Internet by using a computer and viewing a different website.
    6. When using a wireless connection, turn on the player and check the Network Status.

      NOTE: The signal strength of the wireless network may differ depending on the Blu-ray Disc Player's location. Move the player closer to the wireless access point to increase the signal strength.

      1. Using the supplied remote control, press the HOME button.
      2. Select Setup or Settings.
      3. Select Network Settings.
      4. Select View Network Status.
      5. Press the ENTER button to confirm the network status.
      6. Make sure the Connection Method is Wireless or USB Wireless.
      7. Make sure the Wireless Device is OK.
      8. Make sure the Network SSID of your wireless router is indicated.

        NOTE: You will also see the signal strength of your connection to your wireless router. If there happens to be a - (dash) showing, you are not connected to the router.

      9. Make sure an IP address is shown.

        NOTE: In some cases, the router settings should be changed from a dynamic IP address to a static IP address in order for the player to connect to the router.

    7. Change the Primary DNS to and Secondary DNS to in the Network Setup menu.

    After following the steps above and confirming that the modem and router are connected to the Internet, try the following:

    1. Turn off the player and unplug it from the wall for one full minute.
    2. If the problem still exists, perform a Factory Reset.
      1. Press the HOME button on the remote.
      2. Select Setup or Settings.
      3. Select Resetting.
      4. Select Reset to Factory Default Settings.
      5. Select Network Settings.
      6. Select Start.
      7. Once the reset is complete, perform the Network setup again.

      NOTE: Additional information about performing a factory reset on a Blu-ray Disc player or Network media Player is available.

    NOTE: For DSL customers, the router setup might require the entry of a user name and password, and the router will be set to PPPoE.

    Additional steps are available if the message Physical Connection Failed  or Internet Access Failed appears after following the steps above.