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There is audio interruptions or short mute period (sound skips) during playback using Bluetooth headphone.

    Bluetooth wireless technology allows connection at a distance of up to about 10 meters. However, the effective range may vary depending on obstructions (people, metals, walls, etc.) or signal status. For example:

    • The device is inside a metal bag.
    • The device is inside a backpack or shoulder bag.
    • The device is in an area with some interferences such as wireless LAN, microwave ovens, mobile phones, mobile gaming devices or in area where electromagnetic waves are being emitted.
    • The antenna (aerial) built into your Walkman is covered by your hand/body mass or blocked by people in situations such as in a crowded train.


    Please try the any of the below methods to improve the listening experience:

    1. Try placing your Walkman in an front pouch or arm pouch. Also try to turn and rotate the Walkman in different direction to obtain optimum Bluetooth signal connection.

    2. Bluetooth and wireless LAN (IEEE802.11b/g) devices use the same frequency (2.4 GHz), signal interference may occur, resulting in lower connection speed and noise interference. Try to operate both the Bluetooth connected devices in close distance and at least 10 meters away from any wireless LAN devices.