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What new services or features available after software update (Version 1.410) ?

    The software of some target models of BRAVIA TVs are scheduled to have major updates.
    If your TV software is updated, the following various features are added or improved.


    • This article only applies to specific products. Please check the Applicable Products of this article.
    • For the update procedure or notes about updating, refer to the page related to your product Downloads.
    1. New Home menu screen

      NOTE: The new Home menu screen after updating can be switched (changed back) to the old Home menu screen.
      For details, refer to: Can the updated Home menu screen be changed back to the previous one?
    2. USB Tethering function added

      NOTE: For more about mobile devices supported for USB Tethering with BRAVIA TV, see the following.
      What types of mobile devices are supported for USB Tethering with Bravia TVs (other than Android TV)?
    3. The following two items added to the Customer Support menu
      • Help Guide (Built-in HTML manual)
      • Legal Information (Built-in)
    4. UI change from Store Display Mode to Picture Reset Mode
    5. IPTV Services updated
      • YouTube (Browser changed from Opera to Cobalt)
        - Loading icon at center instead of upper right
        - Animated thumbnails
    6. Dolby AC-4 Dialog Enhancer
      • Supported in DTV for DVB regions and USB Media playback for ALL regions.
      • Dolby AC-4 Dialog Enhancer enhances the dialog of AC-4 content.