Article ID : 00269890 / Last Modified : 14/12/2021

The spatial sound (3D surround sound) initial setup screen is not displayed on the BRAVIA XR TV.

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    If the settings screen for the 3D surround function is not displayed on the TV, check the following:

    1. Reset the TV.
    2. Make sure to update the TV software to the latest version.
    3. Make sure the transmitter and TV are connected with both an optical cable and a USB cable.
    4. Make sure the Bluetooth setting on the TV is set to On:
      Note: The TV must detect the transmitter by Bluetooth in order to perform the set up.
      1. On the remote control, press the Quick settings button.
      2. Select Settings.
      3. Select Remotes and Accessories.
      4. Select Bluetooth, then set to On.
    5. Adjust the distance and position of the transmitter and TV.
      Note: If there are any devices near the TV which emit radio signals, turn them off or move them away from the TV.