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The screen is black or only the Info banner is displayed when turning on the TV

    IMPORTANT: This article only applies to specific products. Please check the Applicable Products of this article.

    This issue can happen ​​​​​​if you turn your TV Off and then back On quickly in a short period of time. This is caused when the TV receives a signal to turn On again during the shutdown process.

    Temporary solution

    Try one of the following methods to recover the issue:

    • On the remote control, press one of the following buttons:
      • HOME
      • BACK
      • Channel Up (+) / Down (-)
    • On the remote control or TV body, press the  Power button.
    • Unplug the AC power code (mains lead) and plug it in again.

    Permanent solution

    This issue will be resolved by a future software update (SW version after v60630000). If the issue persists, please update the TV after it is released. 


    • Until the software will be released, avoid turning the TV power Off and back On in a short time.
    • For information on how to update, refer to the article: How to perform a software update.