Music Center for PC

    Importing songs from an audio CD

    You can import songs from an audio CD to “Music Center for PC”. The imported songs will be saved to the internal storage (HDD/SSD).

    On Music Center for PC ver. 2.3.0 or later, the [Import from CD] screen appears automatically when you insert a music CD.

    1. Click [CD] (A) under [Import] in the sidebar.
    2. Insert an audio CD into the media drive of the computer.

      If the computer is connected to the Internet, music information will be obtained automatically.
      If an available cover art image is found, it will be registered automatically.


      • For details on supported file formats that can be imported from audio CDs, refer “Main features/Specifications”.
      • If you want to change the format setting for importing songs, click [] (B), and then click [CD import settings].
    3. Add check marks (C) to the songs that you want to import.
    4. Click [Import] (D).


    To cancel importing

    • Click [Stop] (A).

      If some songs were already imported before you canceled, the songs will be stored in “Music Center for PC”.

    To specify the file format when importing songs from CDs

    1. Click (Menu) in the top left, and select [Settings] from the [Tools] menu.
    2. Click [Import/Play from CD] (A), and then select [Format] and [Bit rate] under [CD import settings] (B).
    3. Click [OK].