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What to do if the PC will still restart even if shutting down?

    • In Shut Down Windows, even if click Shut Down, the PC will still restart.
    • After clicking Shut Down, the computer displays blue screen, and an error report is received. The PC fails to shut down properly.
    Sometimes if select Stand by, the screen may grey out.

    Please confirm whether users have added peripherals or other software (driver, application program) by themselves.
    If the issue above happens after adding software and peripherals, please consult its manufacturer whether the product is compatible with Windows XP.
    The added software and peripherals may be incompatible with Windows XP.

    Reference information

    Any product may cause similar problems.
    The following is one of the similar problems. Please deal with the problem depending on different situations of users.
    Please do the related operations according to the above information.

    • When installing Easy CD Creator Ver.5.0 or DirectCD Ver.5.0 of ROXIO Company, this issue may occur.
      Please refer to the technical support information from Microsoft for more details as below.
      Article ID 311806
      Last Review May 7, 2007
      Title Windows XP restarts when you try to shut down your computer

    • After installing the mouse made by Logitech Company, this issue may occur because accessory driver of mouse is incompatible with Windows XP.
      For your convenience, here is the web page of Logitech Company:

    The above information explains part of the reasons why PC restarts when asked to shut down, and a “Stop” error report is received.
    If the issue occurs because of the above reasons, please deal with the problems according to different situations of users.