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Why does an error message occur in SonicStage when recording an audio CD?

    During system recovery using the Recovery CD-ROM, the entire area of the hard disk is being assigned to drive C only. After that, an error message appears when recording an audio CD using SonicStage.

    Err Msg: Error occurred during the preparation of recording. Error Code 2

    This symptom is due to the initial configuration of storing audio files in drive D. Hence, when the entire area of the hard disk is being assigned to drive C, the destination of audio files has to be changed.

    Please refer to the steps below to change the destination:

    * Do not specify a folder under this location: C:\Documents and Settings\(User Name) to store audio files. This will enable only a specific user to access the folder.
    * Do not specify a folder under this location: C:\Program Files or C:\Windows to store audio files. These folders contain files for the stable performance of the system.
    * User will not be able to specify a folder to store audio files if the folder is a deep-layer one with the path name over 200 single-byte characters from a drive.

    Before starting SonicStage, go to the following folder:
    My Computer -> Local Disk (C:) -> Documents and Settings -> All Users -> Shared Documents

    1. Create a folder in the above location to store the current audio files imported from the audio CD and a file to store EMD. Name the files as preferred.
    2. Start SonicStage.
    3. Click the Tools tab and click Options.
    4. Click the CD Recording/Playing 1 tab and click Browse.
    5. Select the folder that was created in Step 1 and click OK.
    6. Click the Import tab and click the Set Location to save the converted EMD file button.
    7. Click Browse.
    8. Select the folder to save the EMD file that was created in step 1 and click OK.
    9. Click OK twice and restart SonicStage.