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How to compile tracks from multiple audio CDs into one single audio CD using SonicStage?

    Compiling tracks from multiple audio CDs into one single audio CD using SonicStage.

    The following describes the method of creating an audio CD with the copyrighted contents. Only copyright holders are authorized to create an audio CD. If user does not own the copyright or does not have the approval from the copyright holder, creating an audio CD may infringe the copyright law. User may be liable for compensation of any possible damages.
    If in doubt, consult a legal party.

    User can create their own original audio CD by selecting songs from multiple audio CDs and writing them to a CD-R/RW. Please refer to the following before creating an audio CD.

    - Creation of original audio CD is possible only when the computer has a built-in (connected) CD-R/RW drive.

    - Only songs that are in the WAV, MP3 format and WMT-ready songs free from copyright can be written to the CD-R/RW. User cannot write WMT-ready songs that are accompanied with copyrighted information and songs downloaded through the EMD services to the CD-R/RW.

    - Do not select the Auto insert notification option of the CD-R/RW.

    - Do not press any key on the keyboard during the writing of songs to the CD-R/RW.

    - Do not use a CD-R/RW to which a label is attached.

    - Do not connect the hard disk drive and the CD-R/RW drive to the same IDE connector.

    - During the writing of songs, do not carry out operations that may apply load to the hard disk drive.

    - Songs cannot be added to the original CD that is created and closed.

    Please follow the steps below to compile an original audio CD from multiple audio CDs using SonicStage:

    1. Start SonicStage.
    2. Insert an audio CD to the CD-R/RW drive.
    SonicStage automatically displays the CD tab that shows the list of the songs of the audio CD.
    3. Click Record to CD.
    4. When the Create Audio CDs dialog box appears, select Create your original audio CDs.
    5. Select the appropriate destination drives for the Retrieve from and Write to options.
    6. Click Get CD Info.
    7. When the Search CD Information dialog box appears, select one of the methods to obtain the information. The album name and song name appears on the list automatically.
    8. From the song list, select the songs to be written to the CD-R.
    To select multiple songs, click the songs while holding down the Ctrl key.
    To select all songs, click Select All button.
    9. After the songs selection, click Specify writing.
    The selected songs appear on the right of the window and the reading of the audio CD data starts. When the reading completes, the status of the songs changes to Temporarily saved.
    10. To read songs from another audio CD, replace the audio CD into the Retrieve from drive and repeat the above procedures. The songs will be added onto the song list on the right of the window.
    It is also possible to perform the following editing before writing the songs to the CD-R.

    i) Deleting songs: Select the songs to delete from the song list and click Delete.
    ii) Editing the order of songs: Select the songs and click Up or Down.
    iii) Editing the song name: The song name is converted and displayed in single-byte alphanumerics. Characters that cannot be converted to single-byte characters will not appear on the song list of the CD-R on the right of the window. User can also enter song names to the song list using the keyboard (only in single-byte alphanumerics).

    11. When the reading of all songs is completed, eject the audio CD, insert a blank CD-R into the CD-R/RW drive and click Start.
    12. When the Specify dialog box appears, select Writing method and Writing speed, and click Start.
    13. The writing of the data to the CD-R starts.
    When the writing is completed, the disc tray will eject automatically.
    14. Click OK to end the procedure.