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Blu-ray Resume Playback Guide.

Blu-ray Resume Playback Guide.

    Note: BD refers to Blu-ray Disc.

    1. What is resume play?

      Resume play allows you to resume playback of a disc from the point where you last stopped. The stopping point is cleared when the Stop button is pressed more than once on the device or remote.

    2. Is Sony Blu-ray player capable of resuming playback?

      Yes, depending on the content loaded in the Blu-ray disc.

    3. What to do when the BD does not resume playback?

      You would have to start over from the main menu or re-watch the previews again.

    4. Is there a resume playback equivalent in Blu-ray player that utilizes Java? 

      Yes, it is possible using Bookmarks on the Blu-ray disc depending on disc type.

    5. What is Bookmark?

      You can bookmark a few scenes which you want to see again. It allows you to start playback from the marked position whenever you want. This feature is disc dependent.

    6. Why can't BD-J resume play? 

      Resume play won't work because BD-J application in the disc disables the resume function. The Java software controls playback plus all the interactive content (like what Windows OS does on the computer). When you hit stop, or turn off the player, the Java application on the disc reboots in the next playback. This results in resuming playback from the beginning of the disc. Therefore you should use pause instead of stop for Blu-ray disc that supports BD-J application.

    7. Do all BDs resume playback correctly?

      DVDs and non-Java BDs will resume playback correctly. Only BD-J* may not resume playback correctly.

      * Depending on the BD-J application loaded in the disc. Some BD-J may support resume play.

    8. How to identify BD-J?

      An indicator of BD-J is to check the BD cover for interactive features like BD Live or Bonus View.
      Note: To confirm it is a BD-J Enhanced Movie Title, approach content authors.

    9. Can BD-J resume play?

      Depending on the BD-J application loaded in the disc. Some BD-J may support resume play.

    10. What is BD-J?

      BD-J, or Blu-ray Disc Java is a specification supporting Java ME for advanced content on Blu-ray Disc and the Packaged Media profile of Globally Executable MHP.
      With BD-J applications, it allows BD to have highly interactive menus and network connectivity.

      For details, refer:
      BD-Live, BonusView: