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What is PARTY STREAMING and what can I do with it?

    About PARTY STREAMING function.

    The PARTY STREAMING function allows you to enjoy listening to and sharing the same audio content in different rooms at the same time by playing audio from one Sony® device and streaming the sound through other Sony components that are compatible with the PARTY STREAMING function via the HomeShare® Network system.

    Note: To verify whether your Sony product has the PARTY STREAMING function, check the product specifications.

    While using this Party mode function, the device that starts the PARTY and streams the music content is called the PARTY host. The other components that are invited to join the PARTY and play the audio content streamed from the PARTY host are called the PARTY guests.


    • The Party mode feature cannot be used when listening to a Super Audio CD (SACD).
    • Videos cannot be shared when using the Party mode feature.