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How to use DLNA application?

Using the DLNA application.

    1. On the desktop, tap the Home icon.
    2. On the upper-right corner of the desktop Home Screen, tap the Apps icon.
    3. In the Apps list, tap the DLNA icon.
    4. For first time launch of DLNA application, you will be prompted to set-up your DLNA Network. To continue, tap the Set up now button.
    5. DLNA application searches for Media Servers in your Home Network.

      Make sure that you have set-up the connection of your Media Server to your Home Network. Examples of DLNA certified Media Servers are VAIOTM laptop, Blu-ray DisTM Recorder, Music Player, CybershotTM, etc. When using VAIOTM Laptop as your Media Server, ensure that the “Automatically allow devices to play my media” is enabled in Windows Media Player application.
    6. DLNA application displays the list of Media Servers available in your Home Network.
    7. Tap one of the Media Server displayed on top of DLNA application screen to enable connection.
    8. Once connected to the Media Server, tap one of the folders to listen to music, play videos or view pictures stored in the Media Server.
    9. To add a bookmark, click the bookmark button as shown below.