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How do I use Share Charm in Windows 8?

How do I use Share Charm in Windows 8?

    The Share Charm allows you to quickly share files and information with people you know or send info to another app, without having to exit to the App you are currently using. Examples of using the Share Charm are emailing photos to someone or posting an article to Facebook.

    The share Charm is available from anywhere in the system, but it can only be used to the Apps that supports Sharing.

    To use the Share Charm:

    1. Open a file or information you want to Share. For example, using the Photos App, select one of the Photos you have.
       Note: If you have not selected any item, Windows 8 will display a message that there’s nothing to share and asks you to select an app and try again.
    2. Move your mouse from the top or bottom-right corner of the screen, and then click on Share charm from the Charms bar.
    3. Choose which app to share with, and then follow the on-screen instructions. For example, choose Email app if you want to email the photo you’ve selected.