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How to save WAV files from an audio CD?

    How to save WAV files from an audio CD using Drag'n Drop CD?

    To extract WAV files, please follow the steps below.
    Note: Steps below should not be intended for any other purpose that may violate copyright laws.

    * Procedure
    1. Insert an audio CD in the CD-ROM drive.
    2. Right-click the icon of Drag?n Drop CD on the task tray and click on Record Music from your Audio CD.
    3. Select the track to extract a WAV file. Ensure that the WAVE option is selected and click Start Saving.
    4. The extraction of the specified song will start.
    5. When the extraction finishes, the message File saving completed appears. Click OK.

    * Remarks
    Under the default settings, the extracted WAV file is saved to C:\Windows\temp.