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Why are common error messages received during Office 2000 installation or running of any office program?

    The following error messages are received during the installation of Office 2000 or running of any office program. Why is that so?
    - Invalid page fault
    - Internal error XXXX
    - Error XXXX running office 2000 setup
    - setup error XXXX
    - Required registry information is missing...
    - Kernel32.dll errors

    The error messages are typically caused when two or more programs conflict. Go thorugh the steps below to help identify the problem:

    A) Determine If the Problem Is Documented in Microsoft Web Site
    Many of the errors are already documented in the Microsoft Knowledge Base and solutions are available. For more information, query on the words in the Microsoft Knowledge Base at:

    It may be helpful to add the program name in which the problem occurs at the end of the query to narrow down your search.

    B) Remove and Reinstall the Program
    If the problem occurs after you run the Setup program, some of the dynamic link library (.dll) files may be damaged or corrupted. To troubleshoot this problem, first completely remove the program. After you have removed the program, reinstall the program.

    To remove the program, go to [Start]->[Setting]->[Control Panel]->[Add/Remove Programs]. Select the "Microsoft Office 2000..." and click on [Add/Remove] button.

    Note: It will be advisable to perform the following steps before reinstalling the program,
    1) Please BACKUP your DATA, as SONY is not responsible for the DATA in your HARD DISK Drive
    2) Always restart your computer for every step that you take.
    3) Before installing any program, try to disable any application running in the background, especially the anti-virus software.
    >> At your windows taskbar, right/left click on the icons to quit that particular program.

    C) Reinstall Windows (Under very rare cases will you reinstall Windows)
    If the problem still persists after step A) and B), to troubleshoot this problem, remove the office program as stated in step B), and restart the Windows in Command prompt only and re-setup your Windows.

    Note: Remember to get ready your "Product Key" for the Windows. You can find your product key at the Certificate of Authenticity book.

    1) After uninstalling your Office program, click on [Start]->[Shut down]->[Restart your computer].
    2) When the Sony logo appears, press "F8" to go to the Microsoft Windows Startup Menu.
    3) Select the option [Command prompt only] and press enter.
    4) When C:\> appears, type the following command :
    CD \Windows\Options\Cabs and press enter
    5) At C:\WINDOWS\OPTIONS\CABS> , type "setup" and press enter to reinstall the Windows.
    6) Follow the steps through and after the reinstallation process is done, reinstall your Office program with all the background task disabled. (see step B)

    D) Recover the System Software back to Original State Using Recovery CD
    Before doing the recovery using the Recovery CD, make sure you BACKUP your DATA to prevent any loss of data. After backing up, insert the Recovery CD inside the CD-ROM and boot-up using the Recovery CD. Follow the steps through which takes about 30 to 45 minutes. After the recovery process is done, reinstall the Office program.

    Note : SONY is not responsible for the DATA in your HARD DISK Drive, please backup your data.

    Lastly, if the problem still persists after trying the above-mentioned steps, please be advised to send in your computer to the nearest service centre for further diagnostic.