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What is Smart launch?

    Q: What is Smart launch?

    A: Smart launch is a Camera app feature allowing you to launch the camera and take a picture when lifting up and holding the device in landscape view and aiming it towards an object. Smart launch will work even from the lock screen or a turned off screen.

    Q: How can I set up and use Smart launch?

    A: You can select how to use Smart launch in Camera > settings icon (cogwheel) > Smart launch. The options are:

    • Touch to launch, which will launch the camera when you touch inside the circle displayed on your screen.
    • Touch to launch and capture, which will launch the camera and take a photo when you touch inside the circle displayed on your screen.
    • Off, which will turn off the feature.

    Q: I occasionally see a small circle in the middle of the screen. What is that?

    A: This is Smart launch in action. When you touch inside the circle, the camera is launched and, depending on your setting, a photo is taken.

    Q: Smart launch doesn’t seem to work as it should, why?

    A: Smart launch is based on the accelerometer and the proximity sensor to detect if the device is lifted up and held in landscape view and aimed at an object. If the sensor accuracy isn’t good enough, for example if you are on the move or covering the proximity sensor, the Smart launch feature might be affected.

    Q: Can Smart launch be triggered by accident?

    A: Smart launch might be triggered if you move your device similar to lifting it up and holding it in landscape view. For example if you pick up your device in landscape view from a table.