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The device displays a language I don't understand. How do I change the language? (Android 9.0)


    • How can I change the language displayed on my device?
    • How can I change the default language?

    Valid for

    • Android 9.0 Pie


    To change the display language, you must access the language setting in the Settings menu. To navigate your way to this setting, you can identify and tap the relevant icon for each menu option or identify the relevant item by its position in a menu.

    To change the device language

    1. Find and tap Settings (a cogwheel icon) > System (a double cogwheel icon) > Languages & input (a keyboard icon) > Language (the first option in the menu).
    2. Tap + Add a language (a plus sign) and select a language.
    3. Drag the language you just added to position 1.