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Handy TV Speaker: Troubleshooting and How to use

    NOTE: For Troubleshooting and How to use for Sound and Audio, See the following.
    Handy TV Speaker: Troubleshooting and How to use for Sound and Audio

    Remote control
    Other Troubleshooting and How to use

    Remote control

    Q1: Some of the remote control buttons do not respond.
    A1: Some remote control buttons do not respond in certain remote control settings. In addition, some functions are not available when connected with certain TVs.

    Q2: The remote control does not respond even when using a TV from a manufacturer that is compatible with Handy TV speaker.
    A2: Consult the manual to set your remote control to the correct TV manufacturer’s number. Certain TV years and models may not be supported.

    Q3: When I press the remote control button, multiple TVs’ change channels.
    A3: Limit the range of emission of the infrared rays using the following operations. Press Remote control button 1 and the RESET button on the back at the same time.

    NOTE: If you press Remote control button 3 and the RESET button on the back at the same time, you can return the range of emission to factory settings.

    Charging / Power

    Q1: Auto Shut OFF function does not work.
    A1: Auto Shut OFF function works when the following conditions are satisfied.

    • Handy TV speaker is not on Transmitter.
    • There is no sound or barely audible sound for 10 minutes or more when Handy TV speaker is connected to the TV via Audio cable or Optical audio cable.

    However, in the following situations, the function may not work.

    • Connection via Audio cable: If the cable is loosely connected, noise may occur in the cable, causing it to judge that there is a signal. Check that Audio cable has been completely inserted.
    • Connection via Optical audio cable: when the TV is operating internally, such as when acquiring EPG, a mute signal is sent to Optical audio output of the TV. Therefore, it may sometimes determine that there is a signal.

    Q2: Can I charge Handy TV speaker while using it?
    A2: When you put Handy TV speaker on top of Transmitter while it is attached to an outlet, you can listen to music while charging.

    Q3: Can I charge Handy TV speaker or Transmitter by connecting to the TV via a Micro-USB cable?
    A3: Operation is not guaranteed. When powering Handy TV speaker, use the AC adapter supplied.



    Q1: Which cable should I choose for connecting the TV and Transmitter? / What is the difference between connecting to the TV via Optical audio cable and Audio cable?
    A1: In order to enjoy higher sound quality, connection via Optical audio cable is recommended.
    If your TV does not have an optical output terminal or another device is already connected to the optical output terminal, connect Audio cable using your TV’s headphone terminal.

    Q2: I completed connection, but there is one supplied cable left over.
    A2: The two cables listed below that are used to connect the TV and Transmitter are both supplied, leaving one left over. Use one of them to complete connection.

    • Audio cable
    • Optical audio cable

    Other Troubleshooting and How to use

    Q1: AUTO VOLUME button and indicator and VOICE ZOOM button and indicator alternately flash. / SPEAKER power indicator lights red.
    A1: This condition occurs when in REMOTE SETTING mode. To avoid this, press REMOTE SETTING button.

    Q2: What is the gray sheet on Transmitter?
    A2: This is a protection sheet for shipping. Transmitter cannot be charged with the protection sheet on, so please use after removing the sheet.