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Gaming Monitor: Frequently Asked Questions



    What is the monitor design concept? What is the INZONE Hub application? What is the KVM switch (Auto switch function)? How can I clean the monitor? The DisplayPort, HDMI, and USB cables are not supplied in the package. The supplied AC adaptor is large. When connecting to a computer, check the following:


    What is the USB port specification? What is TÜV Low Blue Light & Flicker Free Certification What is the input lag/latency? How much is the variable refresh rate range? What is GtG (Grey-to-Grey)? Does the monitor have the Backlight Strobing (Black Frame Insertion) feature? Is each monitor calibrated in the factory before shipping?


    How to set up the USB Charge. How to adjust the refresh rate and resolution of the monitor? What are the restrictions when using Power saving or Eco mode? What is the difference between Black equalizer in Gaming assist and FPS game in Picture mode? What can I do with the import/export option in the Device Settings of the INZONE HUB application?


    Unable to set Picture Adjustment. When displaying both setting screens of the INZONE Hub application and the monitor, they do not synchronize. The screen flashes brighter or darker when changing the monitor settings on the INZONE hub application. The main menu cannot be displayed without an input signal An Auto picture mode signal was detected... message is displayed on the monitor and cannot be turned off. The picture mutes and displays a Scanning for signal message when you change the video signal (SDM-U27M90) The USB hub function doesn't work, unable to use a mouse or keyboard that is physically connected to the monitor, or cannot control a device connected to the monitor. I can see shaking on the monitor. (For the SDM-U27M90) Some ghosting or inverse ghosting appears when the Response time is set to Faster. The monitor has a stuck pixel. The monitor has some light leakage when playing games in a dark room. The monitor does not stay in standby mode.

    Software update

    How to update the software of the monitor Connection and settings when updating the software. The monitor software update fails.