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"Connection status cannot be confirmed" is displayed and the firmware cannot be updated on the Blu-ray Player


    If the TV displays this message and you are unable to update the Blu-ray Disc player firmware, there may be an issue with the network connection. Follow these steps to troubleshoot and verify if the network connection and settings are correct.


    • Connecting a network cable directly to the LAN(100) jack on both the Blu-ray Disc player and Internet source may resolve this issue. If possible, it is suggested to use a network cable connection. Otherwise, continue with the troubleshooting steps below until the issue is resolved.
    • Not all Blu-ray Disc players are capable of wireless network connection. To see if your model is capable of wireless setup, check the supplied specifications or manual.
    1. If connecting via a network cable, check the network cable to make sure it is securely connected to the LAN(100) jack on the Blu-ray Disc player, and to the Internet source.
    2. Go into the Network Settings menu to confirm that the Blu-ray Disc player has its own IP address.


      • Your ISP may be experiencing heavy Internet traffic. In this case, performance might be improved by manually changing the Primary DNS Server option to or in the Network Settings menu.
      • If you use a proxy server, enter the IP address of the proxy server in the Proxy Server input field instead of the proxy host name.
    3. In the Network Settings menu, under Network Connection Status, check that the Physical Connection or Wireless Connection and the Internet Status are both labeled as OK.

      NOTE: Troubleshooting is available if either of the status do not appear OK.

    4. In the Settings menu or Setup menu, select Network Update to perform the firmware update.

    If the steps above do not resolve the issue, try these additional troubleshooting steps:

    1. Perform a Factory Reset.
    2. Check the Internet speed and make sure that the download speed is above 2 Mbps.
    3. Go to Network Settings and select Internet Settings.
    4. Find Add New Address or New Connection Registration.
    5. Use the Open DNS settings instead of the Google DNS:
      • Primary DNS:
      • Secondary DNS:
    6. After doing the network setup, turn off the unit and unplug it from the power outlet for at least 1 minute.
    7. Turn on the unit and access the Internet Video.