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How to enable or disable the SafeSearch filter for online search results.

    The Search feature has been upgraded in the Windows 8.1 operating system version to allow you to search for content online via the Internet as well as on the computer.

    The SafeSearch filter allows you to set what content you want to be displayed when using the online Search feature. Follow these steps to either enable or disable the SafeSearch filter.

    NOTE: By default the online Search feature is enabled, and the SafeSearch filter is set to Moderate.

    1. Point to (but do not click) the lower-right or top-right corner of the screen, and then click to select the Settings charm.

      NOTE: The Windows Logo + I key combination will also take you to the Settings screen.

    2. In the Settings screen, in the lower-right corner, click Change PC settings.
    3. In the PC Settings screen, click Search and apps.
    4. In the Search and apps screen, under SafeSearch, click to select the desired filter setting.
      • Strict: Filter out adult text, images, and videos from my web results.
      • Moderate (This is the Default setting):  Filter adult images and videos but not text from my web results.
      • Off: Don't filter adult content from my web results.