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How to set FM radio in this TV?

Set the FM radio in this TV.

    You are able to listen to the FM radio stations using your TV by  connecting an antenna .

    FM Radio tuning range is from 87.5-108.0 MHz. To set the FM radio please follow these steps below:

    1. Press MENU and select Settings. Preset the desired FM radio stations and its labels
      in FM Radio Set-up from Channel Set-up menu.
      You can also access to FM Radio Presets by selecting FM Radio Presets from the Tools menu in FM Radio mode.
    2. Exit from Channel Set-up menu by pressing MENU. The selected preset FM radio
      station number and label will appear on the screen. To select the desired preset FM
      radio station, press PROG +/–.
      You can also use the 0-9 buttons on the remote to directly select the desired preset FM
      radio station.