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Frequently Asked Questions about SongPal link with Blu-ray Disc Player.

    Refer to the following questions and answers.

    Q1: What is the DMS function of a Blu-ray Disc Player?

    A1: The DMS function is the digital media sever function that delivers audio CD and USB music contents via a network.


    Q2: Is it necessary to set up a Blu-ray Disc Player to use the DMS function?

    A2: You need to configure your network settings. To make this configuration, operate your mobile device by using the SongPal app.


    Q3: Can a Blu-ray Disc Player be used from a general DLNA-compatible device as DMS?

    A3: Only SongPal Link has been tested with the DMS of the Blu-ray Disc Player. You might also be able to access from a general device, but the operation is not guaranteed.


    Q4: Do you need to turn on the power of the Blu-ray Disc Player when using the DMS function?

    A4: Yes. You need to turn on its power.


    Q5: Can it deliver to more than one device simultaneously?

    A5: No, you can only deliver to one device.


    Q6: What codecs can be delivered?

    A6: It conforms to DLNA described in Playable types of files of the operating instructions.
    However, if DMP/DMR is not supported, it cannot be played.


    Q7: Can MP4 and 3GP audio files be delivered?

    A7: No, they cannot.


    Q8: Can it deliver VIDEO files and PHOTO files?

    A8: No, it cannot. Only audio files can be delivered.


    Q9: What kinds of discs can be delivered?

    A9: Only CD-DA disks can be delivered. Delivery of BD, DVD and DATA DISC is not supported.


    Q10: The server cannot be found.

    A10: Check the controller name and access permission from the product name list in Home Network Access Control. If there is more than one device on the same network, the maximum registered number of devices may have been exceeded. The following is the procedure to check the product list.

    1. Press the HOME button on the remote.
    2. Select Setup.
    3. Select Home Network Access Control in the Network Settings category.
    4. Confirm that the name of the connected controller is displayed and permitted to access.


    Q11: I cannot operate the device from SongPal.

    A11: Use your Blu-ray Disc Player with the version M33.R.0300 or later and the latest SongPal.

    To check the software version of Blu-ray Disc player, follow the steps below.

    1. Press the HOME button on the remote.
    2. Select Setup.
    3. Select System Settings.
    4. Select System Information.

    NOTE: How to update your Blu-ray Disc player to the latest software, refer to the following:
    How to update the software of my Blu-ray Disc player.

    Q12: The delivery has not started or interrupted.

    A12: It may not deliver due to several conditions such as playback, settings, Bluetooth output and screen mirroring operated on the device take precedence.


    Q13: Sound interruption occurs.

    A13: This sometimes occurs when the bit rate of the audio file is high or the network environment is bad.