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Can the shutter sound be turned off?

    The procedure to shut off the shutter sound varies by model:

    For models with the Silent Shooting function

    You can turn off the shutter sound by changing the camera settings:

    • When using an ILCE-6100, ILCE-6300, ILCE-6400, ILCE-6500, ILCE-6600, ILCE-7M3, ILCE-7RM2, ILCE-7RM3, ILCE-7RM3A, ILCE-7RM4, ILCE-7RM4A, ILCE-7S, ILCE-7SM2, ILCE-7C or ZV-E10:
      MENU(Camera Settings2) or (Custom Settings) → Silent ShootingOn
    • When using an ILCE-1, ILCE-9M3, ILCE-6700, ILCE-7SM3, ILCE-7M4, ILCE-7RM5, ILCE-7CM2, ILCE-7CR, ZV-E1, ILME-FX3 or ILME-FX30:
      MENU(Shooting) → Shutter/SilentSilent Mode SettingsSilent ModeOn


    For models with the Audio Signal Volume function

    You can turn off the shutter sound by changing the camera settings:

    • When using an ILCE-9M3
      MENU → (Setup) → Sound Option → Audio Signal Volume → 0

    For models with an electronic shutter

    You can shoot without the shutter sound by using the electronic shutter.

    • When using an ILCE-9 or ILCE-9M2:
      1. MENU(Camera Settings2) → Shutter TypeElectronic Shut.
      2. MENU(Camera Settings2) → Audio signalsOff or On:other than e-shut
    • When using an ILCE-7SM3, ILCE-7M4, ILCE-7RM5 or ILME-FX3:
      MENU(Shooting) → Shutter/SilentShutter TypeElectronic Shutter
    • When using an ILCE-1:
      1. MENU(Shooting) → Shutter/SilentShutter TypeElectronic Shutter
      2. MENU(Setup) → Sound OptionAudio signalsOff or On:w/o shutter


    • When using the electronic shutter, be careful not to violate the subject’s privacy or right to usage of their likeness. Use these functions on your own responsibility.
    • When using the electronic shutter, you cannot use the flash. In addition, there are other features that cannot be used with these two functions, and some restrictions on their use. For details, refer to the Are there any restrictions on use of the electronic shutter? article.

    For models that are not listed above

    For models that are equipped with a mechanical shutter, you cannot turn off the shutter sound. In addition to the mechanical shutter sound, the following models also emit an electronic sound to enhance the operational feel. Unfortunately, you cannot turn off the electronic sound either.

    • ILCE-5000, ILCE-5100, ILCE-QX1, NEX-3N