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What is the message at the upper right of the screen when TV is turned on?

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    Depending on the Internet connection status, the details of the message changes as follows.

    •  Never been connected to the Internet: Unable to access Internet
    •  Cannot be connected to Wi-Fi: Wi-Fi is not connected
    •  Cannot be connected to a network via LAN cable: Ethernet is not connected

    If a message is displayed immediately after turning on the TV

    If the TV is not connected to the Internet, these messages will be displayed when the TV is turned on.
    You need to connect to a network if you want to hide the message.
    However, please be assured that use of the TV will not be affected even if this message is displayed.


    If a message is displayed while watching TV, video from an externally connected device, or Internet content

    These messages will be displayed when the TV is disconnected from the Internet for a very short time due to the connection environment.
    Usage is not affected because it will be reconnected automatically if you have an Internet connection through Wi‑Fi / LAN cable.