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Notice concerning counterfeit Sony Rechargeable Battery Packs “NP-FZ100”

    Aug 3, 2018


    Sony has confirmed that counterfeit Sony rechargeable battery packs “NP-FZ100” are being sold, which bear the Sony logo and look very similar to the genuine battery pack.

    It has been confirmed that when the counterfeit battery is attached and used with the camera, counterfeits can lead to issues such as failing to power on the camera and turning off resulting in data not being recorded properly. Also, it has been confirmed that counterfeits with a decreased battery capacity compared to the genuine batteries are distributed to the market. If counterfeit batteries are used, it may cause fire hazards or battery explosion.

    Due to this, we would urge you to be cautious when purchasing any Sony rechargeable battery pack, including the NP-FZ100, and to make sure that you are not purchasing a counterfeit battery.

    Sony cannot take responsibility for product faults which may occur due to use of counterfeit rechargeable battery packs. In addition, please be aware that Sony will not exchange any counterfeit products for genuine ones, or repair any counterfeit products.

    Sony has always urged caution regarding counterfeit rechargeable battery packs, and we strongly recommend you to only purchase and use genuine Sony rechargeable battery packs.

    Please click here for information on how to avoid counterfeit products.

    Please contact Sony technical support hotline for enquiries:
    Hong Kong: (852) 2833-5129
    Macau: 080-0039

    We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


    Sony Corporation of Hong Kong Limited


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