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What is Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM)?

    Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM) is a function that automatically switches between low latency mode and high picture quality mode depending on the source input from an HDMI-connected device, such as a gaming device.

    Hint: On what basis is the mode switched automatically?
    The TV automatically switches the mode based on the ALLM information from the HDMI-connected device. For example, if the TV detects gaming-related content, the TV will be put into low latency mode. If the TV detects cinema content, the TV will be put into high picture quality mode.

    The models listed in the Applicable Products and Categories of This Article now support ALLM pass-through. Because of the feature, even if a Soundbar is connected between a source device (gaming device, etc.) and a display device (TV, etc.), you can still enjoy the ALLM feature, improving the gaming experience.

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