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Kinds of restore points in System Restore on Windows Me

    Kinds of restore points in System Restore on Windows Me

    The followings show kinds of restore points and how each restore point is working in System Restore.

    *Initial System Checkpoints
    This checkpoint is created the first time your computer is started after upgrading to Windows Millennium Edition or when first starting a new Millennium-preinstalled machine. Selecting this point will revert Windows and programs to the state they were in at that time. Any files with well known file extensions (such as .doc, .htm., .123, .xls, etc) and all files in the My Documents folder will not be restored.
    If System Restore has to remove all old checkpoints to make room for new changes, then a new system checkpoint will be created, and normal checkpoint creation will resume from that point.

    *System checkpoints
    System Restore creates regular scheduled checkpoints even if you have not make any changes to the system. System Restore automatically creates these checkpoints;
    - Every 10 hours that your computer is on.
    - Every 24 hours in real time
    If your computer is off for more than 24 hours, System Restore will create a checkpoint the next time you turn in on. The computer must be idle for a few minutes before System Restore willl create a scheduled checkpoint.

    If system checkpoints cannot be created despite fulfilling the conditions of the regular scheduled creations, please refer to the following related Solution.
    Xspress ID: 007285-007286 Title: Why can't the restore point of System Restore be created on Window Me?

    *Program name installation restore points
    When you install a program using the latest installers from Installshield (6.1 Pro or higher) and Windows Installer, System Restore will create a restore point. Use these restore points to track changes make to your system, or to restore your computer to the state it was in before installation.
    To roll back the changes caused by a program that does not use one of the spedified installers, select the most recent system checkpoint prior to installation.

    *Windows automatic upadte retore points
    If you use Windows automatic updates, System Restore will create a restore point prior to installation. If items are downloaded, but not installed, a restore point will not be created. A restore point is created only when the components start to install. Use these points track changes you made to your system, or in the rare event these updates might conflict with other products on yor computer.

    *Manual restore points you have created
    You can create your own restore points if you want. When a created restore point is listed, it will included the name you gave it at the time you created it. Creating your won restoer point can be useful any time you anticipate making changes to your comoputer that are risky or might make your computer unstable.