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Why does the recorded file on the CD-R/RW contain the Read-only attribute?

    The recorded file contains the Read-only attribute in the following situations:

    1. When a file is recorded to a CD-R/RW in a format that is compatible with the CD-ROM, using writing softwares such as Drag n Drop CD or Easy CD Creator.

    2. When a recorded fle on a CD-R/RW is exported to the hard disk. The file cannot be edited.

    Note: When the file is recorded to the CD-R/RW using the packet-writing system of DirectCD, it will not contain the Read-only attribute.

    This symptom occurs because the CD-R/RW media is recognized as a CD-ROM.

    When a file is recorded to a CD-R/RW in the format adhering to the ISO 9660 standard, the recorded file will always contain the Read-only attribute.

    The format of the packet writing system of DirectCD records the file based on ISO 13346 standard instead. Under this standard, the recognition of the format or the file attribute relies on the UDF system of the computer that accesses the disc. When a packet-written CD-R/RW media is inserted into the CD-R/RW drive of the computer to which one type of packet writing software is installed, the UDF system will recognize it as a file with the Editable attribute by default.