Article ID : S500030327 / Last Modified : 11/04/2018Print

Why can't an MPEG2 file that is recorded using Smart Capture Premium be played back after WinDVD is uninstalled?

    Err Msg:
    Cannot play back movie file. This driver for playing back this movie is not installed in this computer.

    However, still images and movies in other file formats are still able to playback even if WinDVD is uninstalled.

    As Smart Capture Premium will utilise some of the WinDVD functions, if WinDVD is uninstalled, it will not be possible to playback the file.

    Please follow either of the steps below to recover WinDVD:
    1. Use System Restore.

    2. If recovery is not possible with System Restore, reinstall the system with the Recovery CD-ROM.

    MPEG2 Codec of WinDVD is used for the playback of the file recorded with Smart Capture Premium (Long Movie (Mpeg2).