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How to make folders private on Windows XP?

    How to make folders private on Windows XP?

    To set folders to private, the hard disk drive where the folders exist must be formatted to NTFS.
    Note: Sony guarantees the normal operation of VAIO computers with file system at factory shipped state only.

    The function to set folders to private works only on the folders in Documents and Settings.
    * Folders in My Documents can be set to private even though they exist in locations other than Documents and Settings.

    Follow the steps below to make folders private.
    * A folder in My Documents is used as an example here.
    1. Go to Start and right-click My Documents. Then click Properties.
    2. Click the Sharing tab and in Local Sharing and Security, select the Make this folder private check box.
    3. Click Apply and click OK.

    Note: When the hard disk drive is formatted to FAT32, folders cannot be set to private.

    For more details, please refer to the following solution in Microsoft's technical support website.
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